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love looking at pictures of a night out and remembering how amazing and funny your friends are.

Bouncer last night showing off his art skills
I bring the Christmas spirit in my house. Chilling in my onsie, I painted my nails festive red and glittery, and I’m cracking open the champagne at 9.30am. Got to love Christmas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Chilling in my Christmas onesie. Man I love the holidays. Eat, drink and be merry! Merry Christmas, hope every one enjoys the eve and day <3
tried doing my nails all glittery blue/ silver in honour of winter. A lot of effort, but worth it. Just got to hope they last longer than the usual 3 days
i should be writing an essay, but instead i’m on tumblr and chilling with my baby. Procrastination at its best 
I LOVE being home from uni. Nice and snug inside, listening to the rain <3